CCTV Inspection

PipeSure’s market-leading tractor and pushrod camera units are the most up-to-date equipment available.

Supported by the latest version of WinCan reporting systems, this Sydney Water preferred reporting system provides the most accurate reports available.

Our range of equipment allows us to comprehensively inspect pipework, ranging in size from 50 mm to 2 m.

Cameras provide a crystal clear picture that compliments the written report, they also provides the client with a thorough visual understanding of pipework integrity.

Our cutting edge video technology provides exceptional clarity – providing the client the best possible video footage resolution on the market.

The video report format is easy to follow with pop-up on-screen information indicating points of interest along pipework, such as faults, defects, material and size changes.

The comprehensive report helps streamline the planning process for pipework rehabilitation or repairs, by highlighting issues that require attention.

If required, faults and defects may be located and marked accurately on the ground to facilitate future repair works.

Our portable reels provide the ability to operate in areas with hard-to-reach and restricted access, permitting us to work at sites away from vehicular access, for those hard to access scenarios.